New year… and new growth

By Jen Borucki, Client Services Specialist

January is all about fresh starts and growth.

Do you want to kick off new professional growth in 2023? APMP foundation- and practitioner-level certifications are a great way to stay on track to improve your personal brand and proposal management skillsets.

If you are looking to demonstrate your proposal management competency – either to open new doors or because your employer mandates this global standard – what is holding you back?

For me, it was the cost. While there are so many great prep courses, I simply didn’t have the budget to support training and the exam itself.

Then, about a year ago, I discovered a game-changing opportunity: APMP GMC Certification Study Group. For a reasonable investment of time and determination, I was able to participate in an instructor-led small group to master the APMP foundation study guide while at the same time discovering so much more about the value APMP offers me, both personally and professionally. I’ve met many great people and put a true human spin on my membership. And I’ve been able to make a difference to our chapter because of my involvement.

Best of all: my exam was comped, which enables me to take the exam with no out-of-pocket expenses outside printing select references for my own use.

Real life happened, so I haven’t been able to take my exam yet. But I am registered and will be taking it soon. Fingers crossed… though I feel well prepared for the test due to the excellent materials and instruction I received as part of the 2022 study group.

If you are interested in joining this year’s study group for either the foundation or practitioner exam, I highly recommend you check out the program’s web page or contact Kaitlin ([email protected]) or Lindsay ([email protected]) directly. There are a few prerequisites you will need to complete to participate in the study group and they can help you get started.

Isn’t it great to know our chapter offers training that helps us invest in ourselves to be the best we can be? Don’t miss out.

In addition to supporting her team at PDS Tech Commercial, Inc., Jen Borucki is an entrepreneur who solves a broad range of business and marketing needs via traditional, digital, and social media. She is currently preparing for her APMP Foundation Certification. Jen is an active member of the Marketing Communications Committee for APMP GMC.