GMC is proud to offer monthly professional development through our Monthly Webinar Series. Our monthly webinars cover a variety of topics related to business development, capture and proposal management, industry best practices, graphics and presentation design, innovative technology, career advancement, writing and editing, and much more!

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And best of all, members who attend our webinars are eligible to receive 1 CEU towards maintaining APMP certification.

June Webinar: Leadership and Authority


Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 11:30 AM CST

Please register for this chapter webinar here: https://zoom.us/j/97211166114


To have leadership, is it necessary to also have authority? It makes us wonder why we are so often told to lead without authority. Maybe the question becomes, do you need authority to lead?

Psychological and industry research tells us that the best leaders don’t rely on just authority to accomplish their goals. During this session, we will examine the dangers of authority and identify key mindsets and behaviors of great leaders.

About our Speaker:

For the past 12 years JL Heather has used agile and lean principles to build and guide teams and leaders across different companies. He’s worked with clients ranging from Wendy’s to Walmart and B2B and B2C industries such as retail, health care, payment cards, automotive, website development, digital marketing, pharma, and product development.

JL Heather

JL holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and a masters degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance and information systems both from KU. He has maintained a Certified Scrum Master certification since 2013. When he’s not working JL is spending time with his family, reading anything he can get his hands on, or playing video games.

Recent Webinars

April Webinar

Why Would We Hire You?

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 10:30 AM CST

Description: This month we’re skipping the presentation format to feature a Q&A. While life has slowed during the pandemic, proposal development opportunities are flourishing for full-time positions and contract work. Virtual interviews have become the norm, but how do you find the organization or contract work that is the right fit? How can you empower yourself to interview the firm while they’re interviewing you and then nail the negotiations? Join us as we speak with two industry veterans as they share their insights, experiences, and tips for job seekers and hiring managers alike.
If you’re looking for a new job or just thinking about it, this webinar is a perfect time to ask the questions that make your palms sweat.

About our Speakers: Robin Davis, CF APMP Fellow, is a two-time entrepreneur driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of the people around her. Robin has 20 years of experience in the proposal profession and opened her sales and proposal development firm in 2009 with a specialized focus on the healthcare industry. She is an association Fellow (life-long supporter/mentor/teacher), former member of the International Board of Directors, current Chair of the APMP Rhythm & Harmony Chapter, and a top-rated speaker at industry events. She would love to connect with you on LinkedIn and you can find her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinsdavis/.

Dena Stukenberg, CP APMP serves as the Divisional Vice President, Proposals & Enrollment for Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC). Dena Co-Chairs the Proposal Management Workgroup through the Consortium Health Plans. She is actively involved with the APMP and serves on the Midwest Chapter Board as a Chair for the College Recruiting program. Dena has 25 years of experience in a Proposal environment and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Illinois State University. She also holds a Practitioner Level Certification through APMP.  linkedin.com/in/dena-stukenberg

February Webinar

Increasing Involvement in Kickoffs

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 10:30 AM CST

Description: Proposal writers can only write effective, customer-focused content if they understand each buyer’s interests and motivations, and the only way that happens is if the sales team shares this information with them. In this session, we discuss the importance of sales team involvement in the proposal kickoff meeting, and explore different strategies to encourage their involvement.

Bio: Dave Seibert is a business development and proposal consultant, and president of The Seibert Group. The Seibert Group shows businesses how to improve their win rates when responding to RFPs from other businesses, schools, or state and local governments. His book, Proposal Best Practices, discusses the most important writing, process, and business development best practices.

January Webinar

A joint endeavor with the APMP Liberty Chapter – Adobe InDesign for Proposal Professionals  

Date: Thursday, January 14 at 11:30 AM CST

Description:  Are your proposals cookie cutter or customized creations? Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software that can transform your off-the-shelf proposal into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A well-designed proposal can reinforce the theme, add credibility, and improve recollection. InDesign provides users with exact control over text styles, colors, graphic layout, and print production. Join Christine as she describes when, why, and how to use InDesign to develop proposals.

About the Presenter: Christine has 13 years of proposal and marketing management experience in the architecture/engineering/construction industries. She has led successful pursuits for infrastructure projects across the U.S. ranging from opera houses to wastewater treatment plants. She is a Proposal Manager at Kiewit and is based in Orlando, FL.

November Webinar: SMEs are People, too: Tactics, Tips, and Tools for Engaging Subject Matter Experts

Which emoji would you use to describe how you usually feel working with subject matter experts (SMEs)? 

There are as many approaches to effectively engaging them as there are SMEs. Caryn will share tactics, tips and tools that she has learned over the past 20+ years. Join us for a fun and interactive webinar. 

About the presenter: Caryn Kent Dean, CP APMP, MLIS, owner of Once Upon an RFP, began her career in proposals with a software company 20+ years ago. Her experience includes managing and writing proposals in the SLED, Fed and Corporate markets. She is passionate about creating opportunity for clients and other proposal professionals.

October Lunch & Learns

Shrink Writing Time with Microsoft Word Building Blocks – in two sessions

Please register for GMC’s first Lunch & Learns. Back in July we had some sound issues with our webinar, “Shrink Writing Time with Microsoft Word Building Blocks.” These Lunch & Learns will replace Jessica Davis’s powerful content AND kickoff a new GMC membership benefit.  

Jessica Davis, CF APMP, is back to share her knowledge of Microsoft’s Word’s custom properties, building blocks, and custom ribbons in a two-part series. Imagine being able to generate tens of pages of proposal content in just a few minutes. She will show you how to use Word’s built-in functionality to maintain a current proposal asset library that will save you loads of time and frustration. 

About the Presenter: Jessica is the proposal manager at Kunz, Leigh & Associates (www.kunzleigh.com), a Michigan-based custom software development and professional services company. Ms. Davis was an award-winning technical writer for over 20 years before transitioning into proposal management seven years ago. She is a life-long learner who enjoys continuously improving her craft. 

October Webinar: Mise en Place-for Proposals

Mise en Place, translated from French, means “everything in its place.” These principals can be applied to daily best practices for organizing your work from home office. When the heat is turned up high, rising to a boiling point, pause and take a moment to organize and plan your workstations. In this presentation, Amanda Rhodes applies mise en place principles to proposal management and other business functions by teaching professionals to slow down in the near term in order to speed up for long-term success. Reflection and careful preparation of every aspect of your daily life can lead to huge strides in productivity and accuracy, enabling everyone to deliver with five-star quality under the most challenging circumstances.

About the Presenter: Amanda Rhodes has 15+ years of experience managing commercial, public sector, and federal proposals. With a background in experimental social psychology, she brings a unique perspective to a wide array of industry trends and topics. Amanda has spent the last 7+ years at Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, and is currently a proposal manager within the global consulting proposals team. She is based in Fort Myers, FL.

August Webinar: Business Development, Capture, and Sales – Panel Discussion

Whether you manage proposals in architecture or aviation, business development affects your work. But how? What do these BD/capture/sales professionals want from us? Learn here about what they do from black hats to blue team reviews, shaping RFPs, digging out intel that helps form win themes, and more. And bring your questions!

Our panel:

Brian LaBrake is an aviation sustainment/CLS subject matter expert and business development leader/capture manager with over 25 years of experience. He manages new business captures while paying close attention to detail on budgets, timelines, and proposal quality. Brian is also successful in qualifying balanced risk versus reward business approaches all whilst keeping the position to win/probability of win aligned.

Rana Lee CCIM, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C is a strategist and connector who makes things happen. Her immersive and curious spirit is the secret behind her success as director of business development at SmithGroup. When designing a client experience, she’s all-in and understands everything about their business – from the client’s point of view. Rana drives business strategy for SmithGroup Chicago’s healthcare, science technology and corporate commercial markets. Throughout her twenty-five year career, Rana’s been an active leader in civic and professional organizations such as Ellevate, 1871 and the Chicago Central Area Committee. When she’s not thinking about clients, you’ll find her on the golf course imagining the perfect shot, while at the same time mentoring a young female caddy.

Erin Ortiz MA, CP APMP knows the challenges and excitement with both roles and the learning curve merging between them. As a proposal writer turned capture manager for Derco, a Lockheed Martin company, her experience in capture management is based on responding to opportunities for both international and U.S. Government customers. An avid APMP promoter, she is a member of the APMP 40 Under 40 Class of 2019, is a Charlie Divine Scholarship recipient, and holds a Practitioner’s certification.

July Webinar: Shrink Writing Time with Microsoft Word Building Blocks

Do you find yourself writing the same or similar content over and over again or combing through old proposals to find specific content? This webinar will show you how to use Microsoft Word functions to build a library of reusable content assets that will save you loads of time. Learn how to use Word’s building blocks, custom properties, fields, and custom ribbon features to create dynamic assets that you can drop into your proposals, from a ribbon in Word, with just a couple of clicks.

Jessica Davis, CF APMP, is the proposal manager at Kunz, Leigh & Associates (www.kunzleigh.com), a Michigan-based custom software development and professional services company. Ms. Davis was an award-winning technical writer for over 20 years before transitioning into proposal management seven years ago. She is a life-long learner who enjoys continuously improving her craft

June Webinar: Writing Chunky (Not Funky) Proposal Copy

“I love reading super-dense copy, written in 10-point type, with 0.5-inch margins” SAID NO ONE EVER. And by no one, I mean your evaluators.
In this session, we’ll talk about how to create proposal content that’s easy to read and evaluate. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Measure the readability of your copy
  • Break content into easily digestible “chunks”
  • Slim down sentences and paragraphs
  • Create content that evaluators read faster, understand better, and remember longer.

Samantha runs Dragonfly Editorial, a creative agency based in Dayton, Ohio, with customers around the world. Dragonfly’s writers are known for explaining complex topics clearly, whether they’re writing proposals, marketing communications, or thought leadership pieces. Her team works with customers in finance, IT, healthcare, engineering, and beyond.

Sam is the former editorial manager at CSC and former contributing editor to The Editorial Eye. She is vice president of The Society for Editing and spent 7 years as managing editor of Tracking Changes, the society’s quarterly journal. Sam has received multiple awards for her writing and in 2020 was named a Fellow of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

At home, Sam has three children, ages 17 to 10. Her husband, Greg, is a fiction writer who pens the Frank Harper mystery series, set in a fictional Ohio town much like the one they live in.

May Webinar: Skim-ability

Presented by Dave Seibert

Almost nobody reads a proposal cover to cover, but almost everybody skims it. Accepting and embracing this fact, our job as proposal writers is to do everything we can to make our proposals easy for them to skim. In this webinar, you will learn about six ways to make your proposals easy to skim and understand. If a reader can skim your proposal, and still understand your message, you just leapfrogged past the competition.

Dave Seibert is a business development professional specializing in formal procurements from other businesses, state and local government agencies, A/E/C firms, and schools. His recently published book, Proposal Best Practices, discusses the most important writing, process, and business development best practices for small to midsize businesses operating in this segment.

Dave founded The Seibert Group in 2001. The Cincinnati-based Seibert Group provides proposal training, consulting, and writing services throughout the US and Canada.


April Webinar: Navigating Leadership in the Proposal Management World

Presented by Heather Finch

Whether you lead a proposal team as a people manager or keep the wheels turning in your proposal shop as an individual contributor, it’s no secret that our profession brings many challenges, including burnout, role ambiguity, and roadblocks on the path to career development. In this session, we will examine these issues from the perspectives of both leaders hoping to maximize the potential of their team and proposal managers seeking to get the most out of the relationship with their supervisor. You’ll come away with real proposal world tips on how to start having the conversations that matter to help develop your team or your career.

Heather first encountered the acronym “RFP” when seeking ways to diversify funding sources for a human services company in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she’s moved on to lead proposal teams in both the commercial and government sectors, refining processes and developing efficiencies along the way.


February Webinar (recording)

Things I Wish Proposal Writers Knew About Word

Microsoft Word. A seemingly easy tool to use, but a tool with many features and optimal ways of using those features to assist our proposal development activities. If only your authors knew the dangers of cut and paste. What do you mean, use the “styles”? How to deploy proposal templates. That’s not how you make a hanging indent! And other mysteries! Based on years of having to incorporate author content into winning proposals, this webinar will show some basics (and some not so basics) on how Word works and how authors can help– not hinder– proposal development.

Dick Eassom, aka Wordman, is a Vice President of Corporate Support at SMA, Inc., and presenter at 16 APMP Annual International Conferences on using Microsoft Word for proposal development. Dick authored over 40 articles for the APMP Journal and “Wordman’s Production Corner” in the APMP Perspective, and has over 25 years’ experience developing and leading proposals of all shapes and sizes to a wide variety of market sectors in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. He is a certified APMP Fellow, past APMP Chief Executive Officer, recipient of the APMP Founders’ Award, Past Chair of the APMP California chapter, and proud member of the chapter’s Mentor program. Learn more about him: www.iamwordman.com.


January Webinar

Refresh Your Writing Skills with Ashley Kayes, CP APMP

This web-based, interactive workshop walks proposal professionals through the basics of narrative structure and then targets specific proposal best practices, including developing strong section theme statements, editing for clarity and conciseness, and quantifying proof points where practical.

Currently a Senior Proposal Consultant with AOC Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI), Ashley has over 12 years of proposal experience, including serving as a proposal specialist, proposal coordinator, proposal writer, and proposal manager. She has a Master’s degree in English concentrating in Professional Writing and Editing, holds a practitioner level certification through APMP, and was recognized as a member of the APMP 2018 class of 40 Under 40. Ashley is an active contributor to the KSI blog and led the effort to update and publish the KSI Advantage © Capture and Proposal Guide. Additionally, Ashley manages a professional blog, Proposal Reflections, which features articles aimed at fostering business development, capture, and proposal success.