APMP Membership: A Bounty for Proposal Newbies

By Nichole L. Reber

After nearly 20 years as a freelance journalist and marketing consultant in the AEC industry, 2018 marked a radical career change to become a senior technical writer of federal proposals. The position optimizes my writing and editing experience, research and interview skills, and fondness for processes and technical subjects. Now it’s time to redefine success? Where would I be in five years, or upon retirement?

APMP helped answer some of those questions. Within a few months of becoming a member, I was imbibing the APMP BOK and writing notes in almost every webinar, then I attended Bid & Proposal Con in Orlando. Chatting with proposal experts in the hotel pool or at the breakfast table revealed a huge world of proposals and many new ways to find success. Men and women talked about commercial and municipal proposals. People from all over the country came from the AEC industry I know so well, but they were also in technology, security, healthcare, legal, financial institutions–even food services!

By the time I returned to Chicago I had two unofficial mentors. Laura Higgins and Kristin Dufrene have their finger on the pulse. Their expertise had already proven invaluable in handling reviews, building relationships, and learning more about proposal management.

Then the GMC’s annual Symposium arrived. By now I felt connected to the people surrounding me– especially after another humorous and engaging presentation by Bruce Farrell. Now I wanted more. I could see that APMP would be a key element along my new road to success. So, before the day ended, I actually chased Hayley Flamm down the sessions corridor to ask how I could get involved.

APMP has reignited my career confidence after being burned out from my previous work. From mentors to informative webinars and conference sessions, it delivers opportunities to connect with and learn from people across the country. As the incoming 2020 Monthly Webinars Chair, I’m psyched to continue learning best proposal practices applicable to my daily work. I look forward to the new study group, where I’ll glean insight into the APMP Certification Exam– a milestone along Proposal Success Avenue. I especially look forward to meeting and working with other members and my fellow board members.

APMP has illuminated this new phase of my career. I hope to pass that onto others. Meanwhile, if you have ideas for webinar topics or if you’d like to present, reach out.

Nichole L. Reber

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