Make Every Day Memorial Day

By Jen Borucki 

This past weekend, we raised our burgers and lemonade (or other beverages) high and saluted the start of an eagerly anticipated summer season. But our celebrations truly pale in comparison to remembering the people who sacrificed everything. 

As I was reflecting on the spirit of Memorial Day, I realized we have an opportunity to celebrate the people who built our company’s heritage and legacy every time a proposal leaves our desks.  

Take a moment to consider what is reflect in those thousands of words and exhibits: 

  • You memorialize the amazing efforts of innovators before you. Someone came up with that “better mousetrap” for you to present to your prospect. The long hours, late nights, missed lunches, and incredible spirit created something of value that satisfies real human needs.  
  • You celebrate the people behind your brand. Your words commemorate the spirit of the people who come to work each day and bring your organization’s vision and values to life. Someone stands behind every claim you make. Your words reflect on them too. 
  • You help your prospect look great to their peers. Your solution directly addresses a real-world challenge facing your prospect. How you frame your offering does more than educate, enlighten, and encourage action – it can elevate their personal brand in the eyes of both colleagues and leadership alike. You are providing value that looks good on them, too!  

As professionals, we can be pragmatists. We tend to view our work in terms of the how, what, and why. But that computer screen isn’t just a display for our words – it reflects our company’s past, present, and future. It can be a springboard to more long hours, late nights, and missed lunches… but also to more incredible spirit that makes everything we do worthwhile. 

You work may or may not win business this time. But your integrity, motivation, and enthusiasm are writing more than the next proposal. They are writing the future of your company – the tomorrows that someone else will celebrate. 

Next time you receive an RFP package, don’t relegate it to an entry on your to-do list. Look at it as a celebration of your brand, your team, and your client – and watch your story take off! 

About Jen:

In addition to supporting her team at PDS Tech Commercial, Inc., Jen Borucki is an entrepreneur who solves a broad range of business and marketing needs via traditional, digital, and social media. She is currently preparing for her APMP Foundation Certification. Jen is an active member of the Marketing Communications Committee for APMP GMC.