Invest in Yourself Through Certification… and By Giving Back to Professionals Just Like You 

By Jen Borucki 

My APMP journey started with a random browser inquiry: “RFP Certification.”  

Many people I knew were boosting their credentials with certifications and that got me thinking – is there a credential for what I do? To my surprise, there was! 

The more I read about APMP and the Foundation Level certification, I knew I needed to join.  

That was last August. My little business was facing a new normal that had me exploring next steps. I had built my client list almost entirely from past colleagues and clients in experiential marketing. When Covid-19 decimated that industry, the companies I served had downsized or closed. Most of my clients were on the street. 

Was it time to prospect and rebuild? Or to consolidate and return to the corporate world?  

I picked the latter and began an earnest (but patient) hunt for the right opportunity. In the process, I chose to invest precious funds into an APMP membership. Money was tight. I knew I wanted to take the Foundation Level exam. I just didn’t know how I would afford to do so. 

Shortly after the New Year, I found the opportunity I was waiting for, but the exam was still financially just out of my reach. And then I read something great: APMP GMC was launching its next study group with a chance to prepare and take the exam with no out-of-pocket expenses. GMC would invest in me. And all I had to do was return a little time and talent back into the chapter. 

That was the easy part – and trust me, I’ve already yielded great dividends even before the first Study Group meeting. I put my degrees and passion to work for the Marketing and Communications Committee, something that has become a labor of love and made a big organization a whole lot smaller and more personal. I’ve been able to share my ideas with the team and through GMC blog posts. And if I want to, I could earn the opportunity in a host of other ways through mentorships, reading groups, and other knowledge exchanges. 

Are you in that position today? Do you want to make that next step, but you aren’t sure how you will financially or practically obtain your certification? Keep your eyes open for the next study group – in my opinion, the best kept secret for our chapter and our organization. These great people are happy to help you invest in yourself. You’ll be glad you did! 

The GMC offers Certification Study Group programs for both Foundation Level and Practitioner Level certification. If you are interested in joining either program in 2023, please visit or contact both Certification Study Group Co-Chairs Kaitlin Kousaie and Lindsay Lange at [email protected] and [email protected]

About Jen 

In addition to supporting her team at PDS Tech Commercial, Inc., Jen Borucki is an entrepreneur who solves a broad range of business and marketing needs via traditional, digital, and social media. She is currently preparing for her APMP Foundation Certification. Jen is an active member of the Marketing Communications Committee for APMP GMC.